Panama Canal
The most famous and wonderful attraction in Panama is the Panama Canal and one of the great works of world engineering of the 20th century, which unites the Pacific and Atlantic seas.
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Panama Bay
The magical City of Panama, makes a perfect contrast of its colonial architecture of the Casco Antiguo with its impressive skyscrapers and the bay of the Pacific sea.
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Creating unique experiences

Canal & Bay Tours cuenta con Canal & Bay Tours offers tourist packages and corporate & private events tailored to your needs; could be ideal for branding, events for your staff, weddings, birthday parties, bachelor parties and other events.

canal tour

Canal Tour

Navegando por el Canal de Panamá!!!

Las esclusas de Miraflores, las esclusas de Pedro Miguel, Corte Culebra y Gamboa.

Navegue por el Canal de Panamá y viva la experiencia de ingresar a las esclusas del Canal a través de la apertura de sus enormes compuertas. El tour tiene una duración de 4 horas y 30 minutos aproximadamente, saliendo de Amador.

city tour

Walk through the Bay of Panama

A unique experience navigating the city!!!

Panama Bay, Bridge of the Americas, and Amador Zone.

Enjoy an incredible experience during our Panama Bay tour. One of the most fun activities you can have while in Panama City.


Private And Corporate Events

A unique and unforgettable experience… it is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with family, friends and work colleagues!!!

Canal & Bay Tours has a long history with corporate and private events. Each activity is carefully organized to ensure that your dream event is fulfilled, with our personalized service exclusively to meet and satisfy your requested wishes, through our highly qualified and trained staff.

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Why Us?

We are the leading company and pioneers in conducting Tours through the Panama Canal, with extensive experience since 2003, offering tour package deals and corporate and individual events through the Panama Canal and the Panama Bay.



Large and comfortable vessels certified by the Panama Maritime Authority

Tourist Packages

-Panama Canal Tours
-Bay Tour


C&BT guarantees high standards of quality, safety, and biosecurity onboard our ships.

Corporate and Private Events

- Brand Lunch
- Weddings
- Birthdays

Tuira 2


Our TUIRA II vessel, built by Willey Manufacturing Co. in the USA, offers and complies with all the safety and biosecurity standards required for your journey and maximum comfort so that you live an unforgettable experience during the Panama Canal, the Bay of the city or where you want to travel, ideal for tourist walks, corporate and private events.

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