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canal tour

Canal Tour

Sailing through the Panama Canal!!!

Miraflores locks, Pedro Miguel locks, Culebra Cut and Gamboa locks.

Navigate through the Panama Canal and live the experience of entering the Canal locks through the opening of its enormous gates. The tour lasts approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes, leaving from Amador.

city tour

Walk through the Bay of Panama

A unique experience navigating the city!!!

PTY Bay, Bridges of the Americas, Amador (Coastway)

Enjoy the incredible experience of our tour of the Bay of Panama. One of the most fun experiences you can live in Panama City.



Private And Corporate Events

A unique and unforgettable experience… it is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with family, friends and work colleagues!!!

Canal & Bay Tours has a long history with corporate and private events. Each activity is carefully organized to ensure that your dream event is fulfilled, with our personalized service exclusively to meet and satisfy your requested wishes, through our highly qualified and trained staff.


Promotions and special offers

Do not hesitate to contact us to get the best prices for your long-awaited tour!